Name Change Deed Poll (ONLY £15)

Please note that your information is saved as you enter it.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Need help completing the application form?

  1. Specify if the requested name change is for an Adult or a Child

    Please be advised that if both an Adult and Child name change is necessary, separate forms must be completed.
    Kindly input your email address and phone number below. These contact details will be utilized to reach out to you should any additional information be necessary.

  2. Your Current Details

    Please enter your current name accurately in the field below. Failure to provide the correct information here may result in the invalidation of your deed poll application.

  3. Your New Details

    Please enter your new title and full name below. Kindly ensure that the chosen options and spelling are accurate.

  4. Your Delivery Information

    Please kindly provide your current registered address. You have the option to designate this address for the delivery of your deed poll application or specify an alternative address of your preference.

  5. Purchase Additonal Copies

    Please select the number of additional duplicate copies you would like to receive. We recommend a minimum of 6 additional copies. Please note, you will have to send your Deed Poll to all organisations in order for them to update their records to reflect your change of name. Most organisations require that you submit your original Deed Poll. The DVLA, HM Passport Office and Banks will not accept a photocopy. It will take a long time for you to send your original Deed Poll to all relevant organisations if you have to wait for them to send it back to you each time. As a result, we suggest that you order a minimum of 6 duplicate copies of your Deed Poll from us, as this will allow you to send your Deed Poll to many different organisations at the same time, and will speed up the process.

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