What is the difference between an Enrolled Deed Poll and an Un-enrolled Deed Poll?

An Enrolled deed poll means that you’re putting your new name on public record and you must apply to the Royal Courts of Justice to get an ‘enrolled’ deed poll.
An enrolled deed is much more expensive in cost (£42.44) plus other additional fees such as Solicitor fees. Also an enrolled deed poll is more complex and time consuming, it can take from upto 6 to 12 weeks to complete. There are no legal requirments to enroll your Deed Poll it is totally optional.

An Un-enrolled Deed Poll means that your Deed Poll has not been voluntarily registered (enrolled) with the Royal Courts of Justice. It is a cheaper option (£15.00) and takes only a couple of minutes there is no need for a solicitor or no other additional fees are incurred ,
All UK organisations, including HM Passport Office and all other government organizations accept Un-enrolled Deed Polls.

How do I apply for a Deed Poll?

Just fill in the application form with the required details and we will dispatch your Deed Poll as early as the same day of submitting your application (Mon-Fri before 3pm).

Will the passport office accept a deed poll?

Yes, your deed poll will be accepted by HM Passport Office.

Who witnesses the Deed Poll?

You do not need a solicitor, your witness can be anyone so long as they:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Not live at your address of residence
  • Be independent, that is not be a family member
  • Be able to speak, read and understand English
  • Be of sane mind and capable of comprehension

Do I need to register the Deed Poll anywhere?

Once you execute your Deed Poll, you can use the Deed Poll to get your records and documents changed to your new name.  You do not need to register the Deed Poll with anyone or anywhere.

Are your Deed Polls accepted by the UK Identity and Passport Service, DVLA, Inland Revenue and other government departments?

Simple answer: Yes! And also Guaranteed to be accepted.

I am married but wish to separate or divorce my husband, can I change my name through Deed Poll to my maiden name. Can I also change my title from Mrs to Ms or Miss?

Using our Un-enrolled Deed Polls, you can change your name and your title.  However, if you change your title, you should ensure that you make clear your marital status is married on any application forms you fill in, until your divorce is finalised.

Can I change my name through Deed Poll if I am a discharged bankrupt?

Yes, if you are a discharged bankrupt can change your name through Deed Poll.

Can I change my name through Deed Poll if I have a criminal record?

Yes, you can change your name through Deed Poll.  However, if you have an existing or pending criminal action against you, you must notify the police station dealing with your case of your name change.  If you are on probation, you must notify your probation officer of your name change.  If you are on the Sex Offenders’ Register, you must notify the police within 14 days of your name change.

Once I change my name through Deed Poll can I revert to my old name and do I still need to use Deed Poll to do this?

If for any reason you want to revert back to your old name or indeed to take on another name, you need to use Deed Poll to do this.

Can I get my education certificates, birth or marriage certificates changed onto my new name?

You cannot get any historic documents changed over onto your new name.  This is because the name used on these documents was correct at the time they were issued. Education certificates when used in, for example, job applications, can be produced with your Deed Poll as evidence of the link to your former name on the certificates.

Can I change my name by Deed Poll if I am a British citizen living abroad?

You can use Deed Poll to obtain a new British passport from the consular services at your local British Embassy, High Commission or British mission.  You can then use your new passport to get any documents or records changed in the country you live in. Our Un-enrolled Deed Polls will allow you to do this, however, there may be special arrangements with regards to witnessing the Deed Poll, for the particular country you live in, so check with the local British Embassy, High Commission or British mission what they will require from you.

Do you need a solicitor to change your name?

No solicitors are not needed, we have a team of paralegals who have years of experience drafting deed polls.

Who do I need to inform of a name change?

Yes, you do need to inform all organizations of your name change as this is an Un-enrolled Deed Poll. But not to worry we will help you by sending you a checklist of some of the most used places that you can tick off.

What do I do when I get the Deed Poll?

On receipt of your Deed Poll, you need to execute it.  Once, executed, the Deed Poll then becomes a legal document for you to use to change all records held on you to your new name.

How do I execute the Deed Poll?

All executing the Deed Poll means is that you sign and date the Deed Poll in front of a witness and the witness also signs and dates the Deed Poll document confirming that you signed the Deed Poll document in front of them.

Would changing my name through Deed Poll affect my credit rating?

Changing your name through Deed Poll or any other means will not impact upon your credit rating, or any applications you may have made for credit or loans.  By disclosing your previous name or former name, your credit history can be accessed.  Also, when you notify your bank of your name change, this will ensure that the bank notifies the relevant credit reference agencies.

Should I inform everyone who knows me that I have changed my name?

You should inform anyone who knows you of your name change.  Additionally you must inform anyone who legitimately holds personal information on you, such as the various governmental departments that you have changed your name through Deed Poll and show documentary evidence of this, i.e. your executed Deed Poll.

A full list of who you should inform is included in our Deed Poll information pack, which will be sent to you on receipt of your application.

Can I change my name through Deed Poll if I am an undischarged bankrupt?

You can still change your name through Deed Poll.  However, as an undischarged bankrupt, you are required to inform those with whom you do business the name in which you were made bankrupt.  This is to ensure that you do not continue on the same trade under a different name without telling your customers about your former name.  You must also notify the Official Receiver dealing with your bankruptcy.

Do I need to notify the Criminal Records Bureau of my name change by Deed Poll if I have a CRB Disclosure?

You do not have to notify the Criminal Records Bureau of your name change by Deed Poll.  However, when you next apply for a Disclosure, you must apply in your new name and enclose a Deed Poll as evidence of your name change.

I have booked my holiday abroad in my old name, now I want to change my name through Deed Poll what should I do?

If you cannot get your travel documents and reservations on one name, then avoid inconsistency in your name or other personal details, especially if you are travelling abroad.  With the state of the current security situation you should avoid unnecessary complications.  It may be better in this event to change your name after your holiday

I want to change my name by Deed Poll, but I am a sole trader and my current name is my business name. Can I continue using my current name for business or do I need to change this?

If you change your name through Deed Poll, you do not need to change your trading name.  You would not be in breach of your declaration of abandoning your former name as stipulated on your Deed Poll because for business purposes, you are not acting in your own name but on behalf of your trading name.

What is a Child Deed Poll?

A Child Deed Poll is a legally binding document that provides you with Legal documentary evidence that you have changed your  child’s name.

Both a Child Deed Poll and any Certified copies are legally binding documents that provide evidence that you have changed your child’s name and have the parental responsibility to do so.


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